How Virtual Training Can Help Karate Students during Covid-19 Isolation.

How Virtual Training Can Help Karate Students

    During this 2020 covid-19 crisis many people are struggling to find ways to keep busy while in isolation at home, businesses are forced to close their doors and parents are trying to find ways to keep some normalcy in their lives and their children's lives.

  Online Virtual classrooms have become a life saver for many, creating the opportunity for businesses, parents and children to continue schooling, activities, business meetings and even to talk with friends.

  Another great benefit to virtual live training can be found for karate schools. Many karate schools are struggling to find ways to stay in business while being forced to close their doors due to the coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak. 

Karate Students in particular as being an individual sport can benefit from Virtual Training. Here are a few examples:

#1  Increased Convenience.

Without the location or time limitations of a traditional classroom setting, karate students have the freedom to absorb content and engage with their instructors, at a time and location that they will learn best. 
Virtual classrooms allow students to focus on their instructors in their own personal space without distraction and on many different devices, anywhere there is internet.

#2 Schedule Flexibility.
The ease of accessibility of the Virtual Learning Platform gives karate students and instructors the opportunity to schedule class times that best suit them. This type of flexibility is not always possible with physical classrooms.

#3 Knowledge Retention.
For many karate students, online instruction delivers a more effective learning experience because of the ability to have interactive instant feedback that can be repeated if needed. Virtual classes can also be recorded allowing students to repeat the class if necessary.

#4 Increased Participation & Engagement.
It may seem like there would be more opportunities for participation and engagement in traditional classrooms setting, but this is not necessarily true. There are many ways to interact in virtual classrooms through chat, ratings and live one on one features. The interactive comment and share features help karate students engage and connect. It also allows karate students who may not be as comfortable with interacting in-person an opportunity to contribute. Features like the rating and comment features also allow instructors to determine the quality of their content and adjust accordingly to ensure the most effective learning experience for all students.

#5 Private Lessons
 Virtual Classes also allow for private lesson opportunities at any time of the day. When karate students need extra help they can reach out to their instructors and schedule a private karate lesson from the convenience of their own home.

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When looking for ways to keep give your children a great learning experience and an activity that will keep them active during covid-19 "stay at home" isolation be sure to check out Virtual Karate lessons near you. Parents can also participate in Virtual Karate and Cardio-Kickboxing lessons.


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