Why Competetion is Healthy for Children

 Healthy Competition for Kids

  Healthy competition inspires kids to do their best – not just good enough.

 Aside from preparing them for wins and losses later in their adult life, healthy competition helps kids develop important life skills like resilience, perseverance and being more inquisitive. They also learn how to take turns, encourage others, and develop empathy.

  Competition provides feedback that we can evaluate in terms of behavioral, psychological, social outcomes and can offer a rich learning environment for kids to express and develop physical skills and personal attributes.

5 Reasons Why Competition Can Help our Children

#1 In a competitive environment, children will often push themselves harder in training and in tournaments. This extra effort results in improved fitness levels as well as setting new personal bests. 

#2 Taking part in competitive activities and seeing improvement helps students to understand that giving 110% during training sessions produces better results. 

#3 When children experience improvements from participating in a competitive enviroment, their self-esteem grows giving them more confidence to move beyond their current limitations.

#4 Competition encourages children understand the feeling of lose/defeat and to reflect on their behavior under these emotionally intense situations. With proper guidence our children learn self-control and control of their emotions.

#5 Competition allows our children to learn patterns of social cooperation without exceeding critical limits of aggression. Whether in a team sport or individual competition children learn that there is always room for improvement.

 When children have the opportunity to experience the benfits of competition they will learn that they won't win at everything they do and that with more practice they have a better chance at achieving the level of greatness they are looking for.

 The competitive environment is critical. Choose environments that focus on self-reflection and mastery rather than winning, expert assistance rather than instruction, and inquisition rather than close-mindedness.

 Competitive environments are a big part of the sporting experience, for both team and individual sports. Finding the best sport that suits your child is important in helping them enjoy the competitive experience.


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