How Karate Builds Courage in Adults and Children

How Karate Helps Build Courage in Adults and Children

It’s hard to deny that those who learn karate develop many skills and strong character traits needed to take the practice seriously. From improved confidence to self-discipline and respect, the things karate teaches are so much more than just physical. One character trait that is often ignored but is an important part of practicing karate is courage.

What is Courage?

Courage is a difficult behavior to master. Let’s take a step back and examine what courage means. Courage, or bravery, refers to the act of doing something even though it is frightening or “out of your comfort zone.”

Perhaps your fear is standing up to a bully, starting at a new school where you don’t know anyone, or moving across the country for a better job. Whatever the problems you face, the need for courage is apparent in everyday life. For some, bravery goes hand-in-hand with confidence. The ability to do courageous things may be greatly hindered when one lacks in self-confidence. Karate is a great way to not only improve your courage but your self-confidence.

How Does Martial Arts Build Courage?

In karate, gaining courage and confidence starts from the very beginning. The first class, for many, is often exhilarating and exciting while simultaneously being terrifying. You’re walking into a room full of strangers to learn how to do something you may have zero skill in or knowledge about.

Maybe it is your first time donning a karate uniform,  even that small action takes a bit of courage. It is normal to fear embarrassment in front of strangers. Remember: Everyone in class probably feels the same way or has felt that way at one point – even your teacher!           
Karate classes are judgment free zones: Everyone is equal, everyone is there to learn and improve how they can be the best they can be.
Once you have taken that first step of courage and begun your training, your courage will only evolve from there! Belt tests, tournaments, learning new skills, and demonstrations in front of the class or an audience will only help you build more courage and self-confidence.

Courage Develops Over Time.

While the first time you come to a karate class may have been the biggest leap in building  your courage, over time karate will continue to help you strengthen your courage, confidence and ability to handle fearful situations.

In every class, you are faced with the idea of taking on an opponent, learning new skills and techniques, some of which you may fail at initially. However, the idea is that even if you fail at first, you try again, you change your methods, you improve, and you eventually succeed. Karate teaches you that perseverance and having the courage to try, even when it’s hard, is not only possible but incredibly rewarding!

Over time, we see that karate builds courage in students of all ages and from all backgrounds. This courage can be applied to much more than practicing a sport, it can be used to take on the obstacles of everyday life and give you the confidence you need to confront challenging situations. With karate you learn not to fear the idea of taking chances but to relish in it – and this confidence and courage is something that can change the course of a lifetime.

When your ready to experience all the benefits karate has to offer and improve your life skills be sure to grab a free introductory class at your local karate centre.

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